Why Prototype?

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I’m not particularly religious, but, the way we see it, we’re all prototypes of the Almighty One. We’ve been designed and created to be perfected, hence, our stay in this world. All those who made it goes with the creator, the rest are damned, and so the story goes.

Prototyping is not just an alternative way, but, the only feasible way to finally realize preferred design and features at the earliest possible time, before engaging on or deploying to actual production. Frankly, every site under construction are really prototypes of what might come out in the end. Even if a project has pre-determined designs, there are always occassion when things are added, changed, not just on the aesthetics but on various aspects of the development life cycle. So, a normal waterfall methodology sometimes doesn’t really happen, processes most often tends to be repetitive.

Infact, for large sites (e.g. Google Gmail), it was even deployed and on services for many years on BETA. Meaning, minor to major things can still happen during the beta release.

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