It’s our utmost privilege to be entrusted with handling the redesign of ABS (Asia Broadcast Satellite) corporate website at http://www.absatellite.com. This is a 2-month long project. We’ll be incorporating newer web technologies to make it stand-out against their competitors.

ABS, short for Asia Broadcast Satellite, is a Bermuda-based operator of communication satellites. Its services include satellite-to-home and satellite-to-cable TV distribution, cellular services, and internet services. ABS 3 (originally named Agila 2, Mabuhay 1 which was operated by Mabuhay Philippines Satellite Corporation before being sold to ABS) is one among the many satellite they operate. You can learn more about the company thru their website or Wikipedia.

Our prototype is currently located at http://abs.webkickoff.ninja/.

NOTE: This has already been deployed at http://www.absatellite.com


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