Small things come in big packages.

We handle website design and development using HTML5, CSS 2/3, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, AngularJS, PHP and mySQL. Though we’re focused on the already mentioned technology, we also cater to ASP.NET (C# flavor) projects with MS SQL Server, MS SQLCE, or mySQL as the back-end.
We also cater to your mobile apps development requirements. We build mobile apps for Android and iOS only. We utilize JAVA using Android Studio with databases like Firebase NoSQL Realtime Database, SQLite, MS SQL CE, mySQL, and MS SQL server.

We have a good grasp of at least 2 of the best front-end CSS frameworks, Zurb and Bootstrap. For the back-end, either we use a CMS framework, or a MVC framework (e.g. Laravel, Yii, Kohana and .NET CLI), or do it the classic structured way. It all depends on the purpose and how large the site would be. With framework or not, we keep code clean and simple.

All these we try to master that we may be able to handle your current and future requirements from website design, web application development, and mobile application development.

The power of ideas.

At WEBKICKOFF.NINJA, we believe in the power of ideas, bagged by our talented force, molded into strategic approaches providing maximum consumer impact.

We harness our creative people to come up with persuasive, powerful and effective concepts. We go beyond traditional barriers to help you bring global brands to the rapidly increasing consumer markets in the Philippines, across Asia, and the rest of the world.



  • To achieve growth and success by satisfying our customers’ needs;
  • To further develop our team through continuous learning and education contributing to individual’s success and accomplishments;
  • To contribute to our community by providing employment and/or additional source of income;
  • To promote the Philippines as one of the top alternatives in website design and web application development, and;
  • To increase our revenues by offering quality services.


To provide the highest quality of web services demanded by most industrialized nations.

We revere our clients not just as business associates, but as valued partners with whom we work hand-in-hand towards successful project completion.

Need more info?

We are the same guys behind the operation of LongHead Digital Solutions (formerly WebSage Designs & Programming Services.

From there, you can view our past project portfolio, most of which have already been deployed to its own corresponding domain. Not all sites are showcased on that portfolio, though. You may also reach us from the contact information specified in that site.