We are a small group of web designers and developers from the Philippines who caters to website design services, digital graphics design, web apps development and mobile apps development, to name a few.

WEBKICKOFF.NINJA’s subdomains are where staging sites of our projects are spawned, carefully crated towards objective and later on deployed to production server upon approval.


  • WEBSITE DESIGN SERVICES – mobile-friendly static websites, mobile-friendly cms-driven websites
  • WEB APPS DEVELOPMENT – fully-customized mobile-friendly web applications, cloning of popular web apps, online utility programs for devices.
  • MOBILE APPS DEVELOPMENT – native mobile apps development for Android or iOS. We use JAVA via Android Studio.
  • ORGANIC SEO – search engine optimization, keyword analysis, web page optimization, SEO content writing, site submission, link building, blog content writing.
  • SMM – social media marketing on Facebook and Twitter. Good for site awareness, service info, product launch, and promotion on social media.

Services in Detail

Prototype B4U Launch

This site is an incubator for all things new, websites in particular. All of our mock-ups are literally conceived within this domain mostly embracing newer and better technology.

Along the line, WebKickOff.ninja is also where we get our hands dirty, experimenting on newer concepts, designs, efficient special effects and scripted animation, and hone skills of our craftsmen.

Initially, organic SEO (search engine optimization) and SMM (social media marketing) services were not our cup of tea. But, we’re forced to learn for our own sites’ sake. We’d like to share with you what we’ve learned for your online digital marketing needs.

Recent Prototypes

  • FashionMag
  • Out of Odds
  • Cheq Systems
  • The Photo Coach
  • Mariwasa Siam Ceramics
  • Mu Sigma Phi
  • Asia Broadcast Satellite (ABS)
  • SMV FreeView Sat TV